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Project and Summer-School Presentation

Past event: Information Evening on the "Holocaust-Remedies" Project, Scholarship-Covered International Summer School

The "Post-Holocaust-Remedies" project cordially invites you to their first SQ event. On Thursday, April 27th, 2023, at 5 pm sharp in HS 001, an overview of the project work to date will be presented, focusing in particular on the mechanisms of "reparations" for Nazi injustice suffered after the Holocaust. In this context, JLU, together with the Reichman University, is organizing a four-week Summer School in August/September, in which 25 students can participate for two weeks each in Tel Aviv and Giessen. Participation is linked to a scholarship that covers, among other things, all travel, accommodation, and conference costs. Important information and tips will be provided about the registration process, which will start immediately after.

We are also looking forward to insights into the topic of "(Post) Holocaust Remedies," for which we were able to win over Consul General Carmela Shamir (Consulate General of the State of Israel in Munich) and Visiting Professor Dr. A. Weber from the City University in New York, whose main lecture will deal with international dimensions of intergovernmental compensation agreements, that will be touched upon by Prof. Dr. S. Peters (Professorship for Peace Research, JLU) using the example of Colombia, as well as the report from our colleague Hanin Alaoui, who will present part of the project work with her lecture "Compensation of Transsectionally Discriminated Victim Groups of the Nazi Era“