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Press Release: Summer School 2023

Summer School within the framework of the international research project "Post-Holocaust Remedies" - Application possible until June 19, 2023

What lessons can be drawn from the previous compensatory measures in the aftermath of the horrors of the Holocaust? What instruments are suitable for legal restitution? How can the perspective of the victims of atrocities be better taken into account? Finding answers to open questions regarding the legal and political handling of the Holocaust is the goal of the research project "Post-Holocaust Remedies" at the Faculty of Law at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU). From August 18 to September 15, 2023, a Summer School will contribute to this effort, taking place in Israel and Germany.

25 Israeli, Colombian, and German students can participate, and applications are open until June 19, 2023, through the website The Summer School is not only aimed at aspiring lawyers but also at students from all humanities disciplines throughout Germany. Younger semesters are particularly encouraged to apply.

Participants will spend two weeks each at Reichmann University in Herzliya, Israel, and JLU, exploring the legal examination of Nazi crimes and presenting perspectives on how the acquired knowledge can contribute to the development of a relevant academic curriculum, which does not yet exist at German universities. Excursions to institutions relevant to the compensation processes, such as Yad Vashem and relevant ministries, are also part of the program.

The Summer School will initiate the practical phase of the project through interdisciplinary exchanges between students and researchers, focusing on proposals for possible optimizations of future legal instruments for dealing with the past.

Find the full press release (in German) here.